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Thai Industries

Diverse Industries

  • World’s Producer and Exporter of Food Products

    Thailand is one of the world’s largest and most advanced producers and exporters of food products. Its deep agricultural tradition and abundance of natural resources, combined with significant investment in technology, and food safety research and development, have helped to make Thailand the sole net food exporter in Asia.

    Today, Thai food products are prepared to international standards required by importing countries, including GMP (Good Manufacture Practice), HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point), ISO, and Halal. Processed food products account for the largest portion of Thailand’s total exports, bringing in USD 4.4 billion in the first quarter of 2013 alone.

  • Automotive Hub of ASEAN

    Automotive manufacturing is one of the main industries of Thailand, accounting for 10 percent of GDP, and a source of employment for over 500,000 workers in 2012.

    Thailand is a leading regional and global automotive manufacturer, ranking 1st among ASEAN countries and 15th in the world, and is also a major regional production base for motorcycle and automotive parts. Virtually all of the world’s major automakers are represented here. In 2012, total production, local sales, and exports of cars in Thailand reached a new high of almost 2.5 million cars.

  • Rising Biofuel Industry

    With the availability of raw materials such as palm oil for biodiesel, and sugary and starchy plants, including sugar cane, cassava and corn for ethanol, Thailand has high potential to become a biofuel hub of ASEAN. At present, Thailand is ranked the 8th largest biofuel producer in the world.

  • Creative Economy

    Thailand’s economy has been dependent upon the labour-intensive manufacturing sector for many decades; however, the country is in the stage of developing creative industries driven by knowledge and information. Thailand considers knowledge management as the critical factor for enhancing economic development, in addition to infrastructure and services management, by developing knowledge and technology, promoting R&D and innovation for commercialization and adding more value to Thai products.

For more detail on Thai industries, please visit the Federation of Thai industries’ website:http://www.fti.or.th/2011/eng/index.aspx

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