Registration of Marriage

General Information

  • A marriage shall be registered at the Royal Thai Embassy only in the case of the Registration between Thai nationals or between a Thai national and a non-Thai, and the Registration is valid under Thai law.
  • An appointment to register a marriage has to be made at least seven working days in advance. All required documents must be submitted in advance to an officer to verify and prepare relevant documents.
  • Registration of Marriage is free of charge.

Required Documents

  • A completed Marriage Registration Form and Testimonial of Marital Status for both marrying parties. These documents can be download from the Embassy’s website. (Both documents are only in Thai)
  • A valid Passport of the marrying parties.
  • A copy of Thai National ID Card or Household Registration of the marrying parties if both parties are Thai citizens.
  • In the case that either of the marrying parties had registered for a marriage before, a copy of Divorce Certificate must be submitted.
  • In case a marry party is non-Thai, you can use an Australian Driver License.
  • A Single Status Certificate, which can be obtained from the District Office that issued the Household Registration. If inconvenient, you may give a Power of Attorney to a representative to act on your behalf. This applies only to Thai marrying parties.
  • In the case that the marrying party is non-Thai, Statutory Declaration of Single Status must be submitted after it has be certified by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) of Australia.
  • Two witnesses must be present during the lodgement of the application with their Thai National ID Card or Passport together with a copy.

Change of Surname

  • In case a married woman of Thai nationality wishes to change her surname to that of her husband, it can only be done by registering the Family Status at the District Office in Thailand.