Courtesy Visa

Courtesy Visa is limited to the request for temporary entry into the Kingdom of Thailand for one of the following purposes

  • Obtaining a visa of the diplomatic’s holders or official passports, or a UN passport equivalent to a diplomatic passport or official passport for diplomatic or consular or government duties.
  • For ordinary passport holders Who wished to enter the Kingdom as a royal visitor, guest of government or government agency.

Required documents

  • Passport
  • Request form which completed registration form with photos
  • Letter from the Embassy / Consulate / Government Of the applicant’s country or from the agency or organization of the UN that the applicants work, from Thai government agencies. Which certificate must clearly specify the name, position and purpose of the trip.
  • No Visa Processing Fee

The validity of a Visa

The validity of a visa is 3 or 6 months with multiple entries.

Period of Stay

Travelers will be permitted to stay in Thailand for a period of not exceeding 90 days.

Extension of stay Upon maturity as permitted In general, the immigration office will not allow to stay on. Unless there is a necessity or force majeure cannot travel to base country. By requesting to extension of stay, applicants have to submit at the Immigration Bureau. Applicants must have a certificate from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to notify in each person. In order to submit the matter to the authorized person to consider the applicant’s request and have to pay the request fee to stay as normal