• Reception on the Occasion of the Royal Thai Armed Forces Day

  • Thai Ambassador enhances Thailand – Victoria relations

  • Thai Ambassador attends “Friends of Thailand – Australia Partnership” networking reception at the Royal Thai Honorary Consulate in Melbourne

Traveller guides

Bringing medication into Thailand

For further information about bringing the medication, please visit the Ministry of Public Health website at https://permitfortraveler.fda.moph.go.th/nct_permit_main/


Bringing pets into Thailand

For further information about bringing pet into Thailand, please visit



Children travelling without parents

For further information about children travelling without parents, please visit the Airport of Thailand website at https://www.airportthai.co.th/en/children-traveling-without-parents/



Customs Information for Travellers

For further information about customs regulations, please visit the Customs Department website at www.customs.go.th



Restricted and Prohibited items

For further information about restricted and prohibited items, please visit the Customs Department website at https://www.customs.go.th/cont_strc_simple.php?lang=en&ini_content=individual_160426_01&&left_menu=menu_individual_submenu_03_01


Thai Immigration information

Please visit the Thai Immigration Bureau website at https://www.immigration.go.th/en/  or website bangkok.immigration.go.th


For Australian Travellers
Learn more about Country Information  from Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade