Sticky rice with mango and Tub Tim Krob are among the 50 greatest sweets on the planet

CNN news agency has listed the 50 greatest sweets on the planet on 1 December 2018, which include the Thai favourite desserts, Sticky Rice with Mango and Tub Tim Krob.  The CNN News agency said that Sticky Rice with Mango is among the world’s most perfect desserts. The tender and scented starchy grain of sticky rice combined with rich coconut milk and mango, which has two popular choices, Nam Dok Mai, a sweet, yellow fruit or Aok Rong, a pleasant scent fruit is a special treat after meal.  As for Tub Tim Krob, the CNN news agency said that a chilled bowl of Tub Tim Krob cooled with crushed ice and a sweetened coconut milk infused with pandan leaves, is easily worth for the flight to Bangkok.

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