Police Clearance Certificate

Police Clearance Certificate For A Foreign Applicant

Office Hours:

Monday – Friday from 08:30 am to 04:30 pm (Local Time in Thailand)


The Police Clearance Service Center
Building 24, Royal Thai Police
Rama I, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330
Tel (+662) 205 2168-9  Fax (+662) 205 1295
Email: pcsc@police.go.th or pcsc.thaipolice@gmail.com

An applicant residing abroad

  • Certified photocopy of valid passport
  • Certified photocopy of Thai Visa
  • Certified photocopy of present Visa in case you are foreigner (student visa, visa work, Resident visa and others)
  • Document(s) stating that the applicant is used to work or reside in Thailand
  • A photocopy of Thai working permit (if available)
  • Paper of power of attorney (If authorized someone in Thailand to submit the application on your behalf)
  • Letter explain the purpose of request and which country to use (only one country) or write in the application form that can download from the website of the Police Clearance Service Center: pcscenter.sb.police.go.th/filedownload/Documentlist1.pdf
  • Two photographs (1 inch or 2 inches)
  • Two sets of original fingerprint. Fingerprint must be taken at the local police station in Australia with the official seal and signature of the official taking the fingerprint. The fingerprint must be authenticated by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and legalized by the Royal Thai Embassy in Canberra or the Royal Thai Consulate General in Sydney before sending it to Thailand. The form for taking fingerprint can be downloaded from the website of the Police Clearance Service Center: pcscenter.sb.police.go.th/filedownload/Form%20of%20taking%20fingerprint.pdf
  • You can also get your fingerprint done directly at the Royal Thai Embassy in Canberra or the Royal Thai Consulate General in Sydney. 
  • A self addressed envelope enclosed with the postage fee (equivalent to seven international postage vouchers which can be purchased at your local post office). An applicant is needed to provide postage fee in order to mail certificate back to the applicant. We would not responsible for lost if nobody receives it or a change of new address. Otherwise, you must reapply again.
  • Note : If criminal record is found or all required documents are not submitted, then, it may require more time to process than normal.  Since 1 October 2012, Processing fee of 100 baht is required.  You can send money via bank transfer, please read more detail from the following link: pcscenter.sb.police.go.th/filedownload/infomation-telegraphic.pdf

Send all documents to the Police Clearance Service Center