Guidelines for International Transit/Transfer in Thailand (Effective from 1 Mar 2022)

Currently, International flights with transit/transfer passengers shall be permitted only at

Suvarnabhumi International Airport
Don Mueang International Airport.


  • Each passenger shall possess the complete set of documents which include:

(1) Medical Certificate with a laboratory result indicating that COVID-19 is not detected, using RT-PCR method, which has been certified or issued no more than 72 hours before departure, OR certificate of vaccination showing that the last dose was administered no less than 14 days before the date of departure.

(2) Travel health insurance covering health care and treatment expenses for COVID-19 disease, or any other guarantee throughout their stay in the Kingdom, with a coverage of no less than 20,000 USD. This requirement (insurance) does not apply to Thai travellers.


  • Each passenger shall proceed through the “Sealed Route” and shall not go outside the specified area.
  • The time period of each Transit/Transfer operation shall not exceed 24 hours.
  • Each passenger must not need to clear immigration or leave the airport transit lounge for any reason before boarding your onwards flight.
  • If the passenger needs to get through the immigration counter, to collect baggage or to board an onwards flight, the requirements as follows:
    • Transit visa, unless the passenger qualifies for Tourist Visa Exemption Scheme.
    • Thailand Pass approval, please visit

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  • For further details about international transit, please visit the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand at